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Fuck-off USA out Iraq!

Dear US service members:

Forget for a moment the macho-style title and think about this scenery:

If you are a truly military-man, and you were 4 years ago encharged of 1 to 3 divisions, the hard ones, years of war, and all the other stuff, and... what a mess! You are an iraqi.

Your have a country to defend. It is your duty. It is a very bad country, with a dictator US-fashioned, that starts with Runsfeld, who led him to a very bed war against Iran, and dont have realized that Bush Senior shall betraied him if he invades Kuwait... and all the hell's war crimes just like the american ones, but ... it is your country. US is trying to overthrol anything, just for materal interests of Israel, who is actually "de olho grande" in your oil, in your watter and, of course, in your whole land. And even there were not just 10 years of blocate and daily aereal bombardment, indeed, you shall didn't have the power to just stop the US-military.

What you shall try to do? Wouldn't you shall a Plane B thinking-like? Then, when all then come, you sudantly just desapier in front of eyes of the Joes ones, leaving nothing behind, nothing in the terrain, geting away in macro just a black man makes in micro today. And, most probably, making money wiht it. And you have MG and MG of all military material stockpiled. Aftar leaving, you turn on in civil clouthes. Then the information Minister inform al the world: "We will fight in an unconventional way" and, of course, such macho things as "We''ll kill then all" and "We will open the hell´s to the Americans" and, then, no more shitt but action.

Time pass, you busy, IEDs affairs. Six months, the people just is seeing who is the occupiers. Then, Saddans got jaill. Nobody needs to be in afraid of his returns. Then in old uniform, to mutch fight mortars all day, rockets, day by day. Fallujah, Ramadi, Samarra, the whole Ambar province, the shi'ite guys rulling Bagdad, an-Najaf, Karbala, Basha. Then, just today, in the fashionable-black mam uniform.

The americans forgot the fotos and all the mess, but you, as the iraqi people, really DON'T. Revenge is a duty forever, and the hardest one. If one don't take it, the shame is on him. Until he kill or wounder or die trying it. The marines in the holy cementery of an-Najaf surely knows the guys are tough.

And, by the help of the Bush's strategy, Suni'ites and shi'ites, all together, and a lot of voluntary and well trained people from around. You are not alone anymore. All in black. Full domain of terrain. If one goes in vans and trucks with food and water, and whatever, from Fallujah to an-Najaf, who controls the terrain? Full inteligency. Suport. Masses. The old Iraqi guys commanding the fragile iraqi forces at least neutrals. Only a few kurds and parshegas, Bravo Division, is really fighting alongside americans. Massives Iraqi force's desertion... "We wont fight our brothers" and such and such. It isn't all the hell's?

As a military serviceman, dont you see it? I am a civilian, and a brazilian, just an old corporal R2, nothing, an univerty teacher of Statistics, but I do see today what these people just did and what they are doing just now. And I do see this only by googling Internet. Just it. One of the sunniis resistences brass seens in prision, if he didn't yet exchanged by a US general captured near Ramadi. Everybody knows that. "Men in black" isn't an american movie? Don't you are seen him in all Iraq? Of course, if not, then you are in America, or in-doors in Iraq. Actually, if you are out-doors in Iraq, int the midle of holly hell's, you know very well you also are dont seeing them to.

Such iraqi's Plan B is rushing just now in operation just behind your eyes and you still believe in psico operations stuff like "terrorists" "Zirqawy", "foreing fithers", "alqaeda", and, more recently, "anti-Iraq" forces? After all, a psico operation is a psico operation, a think constructed ont the theory that american people has a congenital stupidity. You know that "none loose money by investing in the americans stupidity" but, really, psi op is far from the truth. As we brazilians say: You believe in Papai Noel?

As a brazilian, I tell you most of us simple didnt ever belive in such lies as World Mass Destruction and a very huge numbers of us at least ever have deep doubts about the "call-the-cops-number" Hollywood-fashioned stuff. If Hitler did has his Reichstag stuff, who knows? We dont put our asses on line by this, never, despite Haiti's Lula's sillie's affairs . By not these weren't just lies? The american-ones, doublestanding lies to slavary you and to led you think that is great?

Do you realy think by doublestanding your own spirit, you dont see do there is am Empire and that Empire is just against you to? Just becose you think that "Empire winns, I winn."? You think "I have a house, a wife, kids, 2 SUVs and that all" an then fuckoff the world? Wouldn't you see that americans DO are the most of the foreign fighting people in Iraq? If you don't see this, in what planet do you guess you live?

You think you a capitalist? Dont you know that dollar is a fiat-currency? Fiat-currency problems as bigger as US has is only mantained and resolved by military means. Then, wars and wars and wars. But, with wars, the fiat-currency problens becomes bigger. And what hell's happens with all fiat-currencys in the long course? Wow! I don't want to see this! But it do happens...

Don you really believe in "stability" under Negroponte's puppet Allawi's government? The puppet major of a full mortared "Green Zone" is trying to be "The New Saddan" whith the aid of an mortered puppet's conference, and, by bombing the holy city of an-Najaf you belevie he will winn on Moqtada Al Sadr?

Don't you see whatt is happening just now in an-Najaf? It is about the honor of the Humanity. Lets imaginate more one scenery: Roma is ocuppied by the russians, and the russians is threating to bomb the Vaticano. Pope fleees away, "cardiac problens", and a firebrand cleric have set up a well trayned and resilient guerilla and had most of the catolic masses with him. And, if the russians, in this scenary, go ahead and bombs the own Vaticano? It won't be insane? That isn't that the US-Bush(c?)hed comanded mariners is threating to do in an-Najaf? A "Jailling the Kids strategy", as you know?

Then, I beg your pardon for frankly speach: Fuck-off USA out Iraq! See the past, learn about Nuremberg! One must disobey inhuman ordes. Indeed, one has the duty to do so! See the present. Realize we are NOT in the old Wild Bill's time and realize this is the only honor way as a professional soldier you are. And, as a military, you must know that your casualitys, despite far more than the FauxNews ones, are far minus than Iraq's ones. So, nothing personal, only oil, water, land and other geopolical business of the insane rullers of USA. Retreat and hope in a distant future you and the iraqis could be friends, but just by now, fuckof, becouse in the long time is the best think to do, to you yourself, to the american, to the iraquis, for the brazilians, for all on Earth.

The most one do the dig, the dig is bigger. Just fuck-off the quagmired-dig.

If you have a mind, think: "in dubio, pró réu" at least, and - despite all hate - white a letter to your Senator, asking him about the whole thing. I think as a brazilian honered man, i just have the duty to tell you this shitt, depite in CB's vocabulary. As a human being, I do not have any expectations. I just bag you try to understand. Please, use your brains. That is it. Thank you

Aquele abraço!

Álvaro Frota
Paz entre nós, guerra aos senhores!

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